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LURACO IFill 4 Spa Control System L0903A

About this item:

iFill 4 Master Box

iFill® 4 Spa Control System

Model: L0903A

Voltage : 120VAC

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Features of iFill 4

  • Can be used with a disposable liner and has an intelligent and trustworthy level sensor for automatic spa fill
  • Heavy duty water valve
  • Time delay setting
  • Dual switched outlets
  • Dual continuous outlets
  • Single drain pump controlled outlet with three minute timer
  • Audible overflow warning in manual fill mode
  • Automatic shutdown for Jet and color light if water level in the basin is below the sensor


The iFill® 4 is an integrated electronics system that can control everything in a spa, including the JET pumps, lights, discharge pump with timer, and, most importantly, the automatic tub fill. The JET’s non-contact sensing technology, which is used for the water level detection, is extremely simple to install and effective with any tub material and thickness.




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